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This place has been trending for a long while now. The meat lover in me always dissuaded me from visiting this place but, good food can’t keep me away for long. ‘Sauteed Stories’ has undoubtedly surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Ambience (4/5)

A small outdoor seating area which seems straight out of a storybook. Guess, its called sautéed stories for a reason. Pretty lightings, surrounded by plants, high back chairs and wooden tables. There is no uniformity in the seating – all varied types yet picture perfect. The place seems magical in the late evenings.

Service (3/5)

The staff is friendly and service is prompt. The management is exceptionally good with their recommendations, they know their food too well and their suggestions worked wonders for us. The only glitch was that they don’t give you the menu on the table. They have a board with the menu chalked down on it – it’s a slightly pain taking task going back and forth to place your orders. The customers could do better with a ‘sit back and relax’ arrangement.

 Menu (4/5)

The items on the menu are not very out of the box. But the uniqueness that each dish has to offer will stun you. Designing a vegetarian menu which lures customers like bees to a hive is a feat in itself. Every dish is full on flavor – one bite and you will find yourself salivating for hours.  Every detail from the plating to the presentation is commendable.

For more,  here’s my food story at sautéed stories –

 LPL Recommends

  • Watermelon & Feta Salad
  • Jalapeno Dynamites
  • Mushroom Crostini
  • Speedy Spaghetti
  • Insanity Waffle
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse
  • Grenade Cooler


  1. Watermelon Feta Salad (4/5)

I tried this sweet-savory combination for the first time. The watermelon and feta cheese combination works wonders and the balsamic sauce on top only escalates the flavor. A healthy and delectable option for days when you feel too guilty, ditch the junk and go green with this amazing salad.  #LPLRecommends

  1. Mushroom Crostini (4/5)

I love mushrooms and this cheesy version of mashed mushrooms on toasted bread is worth a try. A great starter and #HighlyRecommended from the Sauteed Stories Menu.

  1. Jalapeno Dynamites (5/5)

Now who doesn’t love mozzarella cheese. Ditch the fries and the wedges and indulge yourselves with these dynamites – ready to explode with cheese in your mouth. #LPLFavorite

  1. Beanster Burger (3/5)

The More ‘Neat and Diciplined’ to look at, the ‘Messier’ to eat. The burger patty made of 3 types of beans outdid the burger bun in size. The chipotle sauce simply spilled over. I would suggest getting your burger cut and then served. A very decent dish but didn’t work too well for me.

  1. Veg Exotica Pizza (3/5)

Thin crust pizza base topped with mushrooms, olives, bell peppers, onions, cheese and their in-house sauce. The stone fired pizza was definitely good but wouldn’t call it the best I have had.

  1. Speedy Spaghetti (5/5)

A spicier version of the Aglio Olio and a very successful attempt at creative cooking. Loved how they used coarse spices in the dish, really makes it stand out. Its spicy yet retains the originality of the aglio olio. Simply incredible.  #LPLRecommends

  1. Dark Chocolate Mousse (5/5)

You will be served a cute little cup but ‘Full On Flavor’, the pictures on social media are a little misleading though, the cup is way smaller than you think it will be (Blame The Illusions that Food Photography can create!).

Size apart, this dish is extraordinary. I loved the presentation and the taste. You have to try this whenever at Sauteed Stories.

  1. Insanity Waffle (4/5)

This one is a new addition on the menu and is called ‘Insanity’ for a reason. A single bite is enough to satiate the insane sugar cravings. Crispy waffles stuffed (literally) with chocolate, nutella, whipped cream, strawberry crush and chocolate sprinkles. Its “Heaven on a plate’ for dessert diggers. A bit pricey for 450 but, you do deserve self-indulgence once in a while. Treat yourself because you are responsible for your own happiness! (Got a bit emotional, eh?) #LPLInsists #LPLRecommends

  1. Grenade Cooler (4/5)

This one is the Real Bomb. A refreshing cooler which gives a whole new definition to the lemon-mint cooler. Loved how it was more minty and not another fresh lime drink! #LPLFavorite

  1. Hot Chocolate (4/5)

I’m so glad I tried this. Intended to have the Broiled Hot Chocolate but they ran out of marshmallows! (I will get back soon though). The Hot chocolate had the flavor of swiss chocolate and I loved it to the last sip – perfectly thick, sweet and hot.


P.S I had a great time trying out at least one dish from every category that they offer. And I’m going to be there soon to try out the rest, because for the record – Sauteed Stories is my current favorite ‘vegetarian’ destination.

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