Cafe Cheat Day With a snappy name and an ambience that instantly gets your eyeballs rolling , Cafe Cheat Day tempts you to cheat with a sense of overwhelmingness and no guilt. Hinting on a mellow tone of philosophy and fun, think on what a cheat day means to you! A day when you break away from the routine and just let go. The brainchild of a Dubai resident couple, Cafe[…]

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‘Lebanese’ & ‘Vegetarian’ –  Two consequential words which sound absolutely bizarre when brought together. Lebanese cuisine in simpler geographic terms would be belonging to the Middle East. Commonly the word ‘Lebanese’ is synonymous with Shawarmas, Doner Kebabs, Sliced Meat, Grilled Meat and some more Meat. ‘Falafel Lovers’ is here to buck the trend and enunciate that ‘Lebanese is not just about heavy duty meat’. The lion hearted venture by Tapan Jain[…]

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