My Safe Bets at Raasta!

Raasta Pubtown, Ishanya Mall

With an Afro Faced Quirky Theme, Raasta has always propagated a culture fondly known as ‘Being Rastafarian’ inspite of the varied ambience and moods of each of its Cafes.  They’ve given us a swanky rooftop, a vintage garage and an open backyard ground in its recent years of operations.

This time it’s not just another Café but a pulsating Pub. Raasta joins the league of hot-shot bars and pubs at the heart of Ishanya. The spirit and flavor is more of an uptown pub than just a Café, apt for a pumped up night out than a laidback afternoon.  The Menu predominantly remains the same with the cynosure being on drinks. Take a look.

All Time Favorites at Raasta!

Although this remains an unpretentious review in substance, but with this blog post, I attempt to bury the question of  What are my favorites at Raasta? A question hurled at every Raasta Loyalist often with inquisitiveness and a tone of underlining dubiety.

  1. Dips & Pate

By far this remains a safe bet over all this time at Raasta. Crispy lavash sticks with coarse sesame lends a crunch, which literally ignites your hidden hunger notes. 3 Dips – Tzatziki, Baba Ganoush and Hummus taste divine and make up for that perfect appetizer to kickstart the evening.

Dips and Pate

  1. Naanza

Bread and Cheese will soon substitute ‘Evergreen Love’ in entirety. The thin crust crackling combination at Raasta with a varied range of toppings to suit your palate is another MustTry here. A very strong smoky finish with some breathtaking pores (thanks to the clay oven) is definitely hard to resist. The Barbeque Grilled Chicken (Non Vegetarian) and the Verdure (Vegetarian) are highly recommended.


  1. Keema Pav

As much as I devour Keema, I haven’t been too lucky with my Keema escapades in the city. Raasta has proved to be that one-spot which nails my expectation every single time. Meat lovers, mark this on your order list. One of the finest Mutton Keema and toasted Pav laden with butter awaits you.

  1. Fish & Chips

Classic English style Fish n Chips. Predominant use of Basa but always a good cut gives you the perfect bar nibble. They have recently introduced a Wasabi Mayo along with the Tartar dip they originally served. #QuiteRefreshing

  1. Bruschetta Platter

Raasta has principally been my ‘chill out’ hub where conversations always held ‘one level up’ than all else. The ‘Bruschetta Platter’ could be one such pick, especially for vegetarians. A fine variety of toppings ranging from Mushrooms to vegetables clearly breaking monotony but maintaining the taste leverage.


  1. Tempura Fried Prawns

Batter fried prawns, something from my latest find. Seafood lovers will revel at every bite being oh so fresh and luscious. The covering is adequately crispy which justifies the ‘tempura-ness’ and not just comes forth as another oily façade.

Tempura Fried Prawns

  1. Rosemary Perfumed Mustard Paneer Kebab

Mustard gives me a high like no other. The much needed sharpness and burst livens up the otherwise dull chunks of Paneer. The rosemary essence is not limited to mere scents but lends a fresh herby touch to this grilled beauty. Definitely on my list of future visits.

  1. Blueberry Cheesecake

I may have visited Raasta umpteen number of times, majority being just for their to-die-for cheesecake. My favorite Baked Cheesecake in the city. A beauty best unraveled in layers, it amazes me how they nail it with that damn neat texture, every SINGLE time. The bot of blueberry is what you chose to call it, ‘the cherry on the cake’ or the ‘pudding to my pie’.


Since now you’ve seen “What Not To Miss”, here’s Some More of the Fare (My maiden Trials) at the newly opened Pubtown!

The Jerk Chicken (4/5) was more on the lines of a Chicken Satay, finely cooked taking care of all its intricacies – texture, flavors and seasonings.

On the other hand, The Herb & Butter Marinated Grilled Chicken (3/5) fares just about average with nothing much to offer. The flavors reminisce of any tandoor kebab, that you may have tried a gazillion times at any local restaurant/dhaba etc. Not a lot to seek here.

The Chilly Tamarind Grilled Paneer Kebab (3/5) and Paneer Bhurji (4/5) (a contender for the vegetarians who can’t dig in the Keema Pav) remain good and better options for vegetarians, pretty much in that order.

The Burmese Khow Suey (3/5) is a well packaged dish but fails to satisfy. One reason for my dissatisfaction could also be my high liking for this cuisine I hold dear. The coconut content was far too diluted and lacks the typical Burmese effect.

The Chocolate Oreo Freakshake (5/5) was divine. The first time I slurped, licked and bit of this one and was floored by the sheer goodness ranging from top to bottom. The Shake is as good at the bottom as it is when you start sipping on. The perfect balance of thick and creamy, dark and sweet. #Recommended

The Tiramisu was liked and enjoyed by everyone on the table, hence keeping in mind the palates of my co-hosts and table sharers, I could vouch for the rum-infused beauty- Raasta nailed their Tiramisu, Have a look!

I have witnessed instances of inconsistency in their dishes across their outlets but never something which came forth as cringe worthy or made me raise a finger on Raasta as a brand. Going by the number of times I hit the spot, I shall be a proud Raasta loyalist for days to come.

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Raasta Pubtown. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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