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So, What’s new at Punjab Grill?  A very implied question considering Punjab Grill is not a new name and also we tend to fall prey to inquisitiveness a little too much. In the constant quest for launches, re-launches and revamped menus; and everyone eyeing the ‘what’s different tag’ , an average diner’s expectations are scaling new heights.

Coming back to the ‘question’; the answer is simple – nothing! Punjab Grill is re-introducing itself for what it’s famous for. The food tasting session was  a celebration of the highly popular dishes at this fine dine restaurant. Punjab Grill celebrates flavors of undivided Punjab and the Northern frontiers of the country. The culinary influence is a congregation of  Pashtun, Multan, Lahore and other elements of erstwhile Punjab.

In simpler words, there is more to Punjab than the – Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Patiala Lassi and some kukkad shukkad. Yes, these indeed are torch bearers of northern cuisine but certainly not where you end the line.

Here’s to the dishes that never get old, the ones that are enjoyed by generations alike and the ones that need no introduction.

The Punjab Grill Experience

Punjab Grill is the one of the pioneers in the Gourmet Fine Dine business. With a hardcore Punjabi menu and staying true to its roots, the recipes are very well replicated. The ambience exudes warmth and is cliched classy. With dimly lit interiors and a fresh new outside seating (available for private parties), the restaurant certainly has a verve of its own. The upmarket pricing is a cause of concern yes, but the restaurant has always targeted an elite or rather a splurging segment.  

Some Teetotaller Coolers To Begin!

  1. Teekhi Imli (5/5)

A prodigious drink to start with. The flavor of tamarind is alluring while the red chilli restrains you from gulping down the drink in one go. A drink that entertains in every sip, as much it rejuvenates.

  1. Ambi Panna (4/5)

A drink which is relished across the length and breadth of the country. Different names but the essence remains the same throughout. With aplenty heat resisting properties, this one is definitely on the list for summers.

  1. Rolla Cola (4/5)

A masala cola variant. Smothered with black salt and spices, this one is definitely the drink with the zing.

LPL Recommendations

Paneer Tikka Multani

Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill

Chaamp Tajdar

Meat Punjab Grill

Dum ki Biryani


  1. Paneer Tikka Multani (4/5)

Luscious and delicious. Two words which fervently describe the essence of this starter. A mandatory order for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike, something which will surely get your tastebuds tantalising.

  1. Dahi Ke Kebab (3/5)

A vegetarian starter recommended for those who are spice-averse. A smooth, hung curd preparation with tones of cardamom and  coriander. This one was not off the tandoor but golden fried, somehow the ‘sourness’ wasn’t meant for my palate.


  1. Bharwaan Kumbh Peshawari (3/5)

A spicy preparation with large mushrooms stuffed with pickled spiced paneer and mushroom granules.


  1. Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill (5/5)

The king of the tandoor, and undoubtedly the best from the spread laid out to us. The chicken was tender and succulent with the right amount of spices. A simple, no ‘show-sha’ preparation which keeps you salivating for long after you are done.

  1. Chaamp Tajdar (4/5)

This one is definitely for all lamb chop fans. True meat lovers can feel me when I say there is a sense of satisfaction and thrill associated with ‘boned meat’- a taste which boneless meat can never replicate. Rich in texture and braised with flavor of cloves, cardamom, kasuri methi – the dish almost nears perfection.

  1. Salmon Tikka (3/5)

The use of Norwegian farmed Salmon in Punjabi cuisine came as a surprise. Fish chunks marinated in dill, fennel and ginger were appetizing in every bite. The use of mustard oil lends a very sharp touch which was definitely needed.


The Mains spread at Punjab Grill needs no prelude. The dishes being self- explanatory reflect the rich culinary heritage of provincial Punjab. These dishes are the ones by which every Punjabi swears by and why wouldn’t they?

The Dal Punjab Grill (4/5) or the traditional Dal Makhani preparation was almost if not exactly what the ‘highway dhabas’ propagate. Whole urad cooked in mustard oil is what defines ‘home’ for many.

The Murgh Makhanwala (3/5) smothered with butter in a cashew rich gravy wouldn’t be the best butter chicken version I’ve tasted. A decent fare.

The Meat Punjab Grill (4/5) had me drooling over some very well cooked lamb meat prepared over the angeethi. The texture of meat was bang on which drifted my attention from any glitch that the gravy may have had.

Lastly, the dish that I was waiting for with a bated breath. The Murgh Dum Biryani (4/5) was as rich as it can get. Strong layers of garam masala and spiced onions between Saffron hued basmati rice justified the ‘enthusiasm’ that always looms with the word – Biryani!

Sweet Endings

  1. Gulab Jamun stuffed with white chocolate, hint of nutella, honey and nuts – (3/5) A dessert which is a representative of ‘Indian Mithai’ and known for its quick adaptability to mingle with almost anything – rabri, ice cream etc. However, the choco-surprise didn’t quite work for me. The perfectly textured Gulab Jamun was overpoweringly sweet which made it difficult for me to ask for another helping.
  1. Litchi Ki Tehri – (4/5)  This one came as a respite post the Gulab Jamun sugar rush, Shahi litchis and sultanas cooked in thickened milk was flavorful and a rather refreshing dessert venture. The use of fresh litchis made this a uniquely satisfying experience.


Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Vaibhav Tageja and Seema Bhoi on behalf of Punjab Grill. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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