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A 1.5 year old brand from Mumbai, Papa Cream owner and entrepreneur Tanvi Chowdhri  heads to Pune with her fantasy land!

To call papa an ice cream parlor would be undermining! It’s a pumped house full of desserts and all things pastel, pretty and yummy!


The vibe gives you those ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ feels but with a lot more than just chocolate! The decor is a crowd puller (read kids and selfie fanatics). The two storeyed ice cream parlour has a mezzanine floor  humble seating arrangement with eye catching details in the backdrop, with plenty pink and cheesy elements – good enough to give you a viral selfie shot!

An invite to try out Papa Cream got me into an instant frenzy with a downpour of questions or rather mixed feelings. In the pursuit of answers, I  land up at Papa Cream’s first outlet in Pune. Read on to know more –

papa cream

Thought #1 Why Papa? 

What’s in a Name? But When you are overdone with the Italiano and European terminology, and the ‘le’ and ‘amo’  diction seems more like tongue twisters – you wreck your brains and think beyond! The word ‘Papa’ is basic, upfront and loveable! So why not? It exudes a certain degree of warmth and haven’t we all swooned and gone ga-ga when a toddler murmurs pa-pa.

Thought #2 One More Mumbai Brand?

Just Two weeks in and the brand is already on a roll! A prime location in the heart of the city, some unthinkable savory flavors, a few offbeat dessert offerings with competitive pricing and not to forget the the ‘Bombay Tag’! Papa cream has got the right mix to freeze your tastebuds and melt your heart.

Thought #3  Pani Puri Icecream? Is it for Real!?!?

I recall seeing the viral Pani Puri ice cream video at Papa cream and considered it as just another beguiling thought which was ‘too good to be true’ ! With a lot of them diving into the fusion food pool, not many turn out to be successful swimmers! With some top league savory flavors (Read Pani Puri & Hummus) Papa cream hits the bulls’ eye!

Thought #4 Just Another Ice Cream Parlour?

Apart from some wow savory flavors. Papa cream is home to gorgeous bubble waffles, signature flavors like Bournvita, Creme Brulee, Candy Floss etc. Also, Doughwiches and Shakes add to the compact but exclusive menu at Papa Cream!

LPL Recommendations

The Pani Puri Sorbet

I had not remotely expected this to taste edible, forget good! And guess what? It beat all others to top my favorite chart! A very ‘refreshing’ combination. Those who dig the Northern style ‘Thanda Pani’ sans the ragda – your search ends here. The Puri is reborn in a tart like avatar and topped with potato mousse, a close hit at the Mashed Potato filling! An incredibly brave and successful attempt! This is the ‘star’ at Papa Cream and a must have. #LPLFavorite


 Jumbo Doughwich

Belgian chocolate ice cream sandwiched between Doughnuts is dreamy. The handmade doughnut is stuffed with oreo, fudge sauce, caramel and more dripping chocolate. The messiest option of the lot but worth getting your hands dirty.


Blueberry Shake

A few instances when the blueberry managed to overpower the chocolate. This was a clear winner for me in the shake category. Adequately thick and blended with ice cream. To add to the crunch, we have oreos and tarts lining the top. A refreshing mix of flavors despite being not overly fruity.


Ferrero Crunch

All Ferrero Rocher fans will dig this. Pure indulgence in the form of silky smooth textured ice cream with the flavor of rich dark chocolate is a highly recommended option at Papa Cream.


The Dessert Fare 

Hummus Ice Cream 

Another impressive rather wondrous attempt at savory ice cream. Hummus flavored ice cream served with lavash on the side won’t have you missing your mezze platter for even a moment.  A level down when compared to the Pani Puri attack yet, a notable mention.


Bubblegum Candy Floss 

Pink bubblegum ice cream served with candy floss. This cuts a very pretty picture and the taste is highly reminiscent of the good old ‘boomer’ we hoarded on as kids. Somehow the boomer-y flavor as an ice cream couldn’t catch my fancy.

Salted Caramel Popcorn 

Homemade salted caramel icecream topped with cold caramel popcorn and caramel sauce. Again, I’m not a fan of caramel popcorn and this combination didn’t work for me.  Those who are avid caramel popcorn buyers (I know many) will definitely love this one.


Red Velvet Cupcake 

Philly cream cheese icecream layered with red velvet, red velvet crumbles topped with cream cheese frosting twirl. A good try, nothing exceptional with the flavors though.


Belgian Chocolate Sundae 

A new spot for Bubble Waffles in Pune. #ABigYayy

Bubble waffles topped with Belgian chocolate icecream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, chocochips and whipped cream. Very fancy descriptively as well as flavor. A little snag in the waffle texture though, way too soft or rather too fresh to be served as a bed for ice creams. Will have to give it another shot.


Belgian Chocolate Milkshake 

A lot Belgian-ish happening at Papa Cream. Clearly the ‘Belgian Chocolate’ is a fine offering at the outlet. However, the shake-y version didn’t appeal to much to me. The cereal loaded topping was a slight turn off, call me averse to anything that may be healthy.


Classic Flavors

The  Sitaphal  and Gulkand Pan flavors were definitely good attempts. But, I wouldn’t guess Papa Cream is the ideal place to try these out.

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Papa Cream. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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