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Oh So Stoned has recently intervened as not just an ice cream parlour but a café. A spot where you can sip on coffee, gorge on some handpicked munchies and of course the ice creams are omnipresent. So next time you fancy something beyond desserts, Oh So Stoned should definitely be on your mind.

Reviewing ‘em Munchies

A separate menu for munchies has been launched, a decent list covering highly popular vegetarian snacks.  The pricing is competitive and very easy on the pockets. We laid our hands or rather our tongues on a few –

  1. Italian Job Maggi

Introducing the very loved ‘Maggi’ on the list is a masterstroke in itself. There has never been anything such as a bad maggi, so definitely worth a try!

The Italian Job Maggi was seasoned with Italian spices, sprinkled with a lot of oregano flakes and of course a very cheesy consistency. The over cheesiness dampens the original flavors of Maggi down the line, would prefer a spicier version next time. Choose from over multiple options – Indian Masala, Jamaican and also Barbeque.

  1. Mac n Cheese Balls

Mac n Cheese, another hot favorite on the menu. The mac n cheese balls turnout pretty mediocre. Not good but no bad either. Something to thoughtlessly munch on? Maybe!

  1. Cheesy Corn n Spinach Samosa

This trio of spinach, corn and cheese is my sought after vegetarian combination. The cheesy filling in mini samosas works well for an evening snack. #Recommended


  1. Cheesy Onion Rings

The cheese here messes up! Yes, you read it right – the crispy onion rings turnout all soggy thanks to the cheese sprawled all over. A dip on the side could do wonders, but this ‘from the top’ model just doesn’t work.

In all a judicious mix on the menu which also includes fries and potato wedges. To cool off that overdose of sugar, this certainly comes as a boon.

Also, it would be criminal to not savour the stoned beauties when at Oh So Stoned. Tried quite a few of their bestsellers!

P.S For the record, here’s a little Gyan on ‘stoned’ icecreams!

Stoned ice creams have taken the Indian dessert scenes by storm. Gone are the days where the ice cream guy delicately scooped out some of your favorites. The latest trend has them going savage. The scooping is no more delicate and the flavors you crush on are literally ‘crushed’ and ‘beaten’, tossed in the air and eventually served to you in a battered form.

In the chocolate segment, the Scarface Noir is a clear winner. Rich, dark and sinful, no explanations needed.

The Brownie Blast is a great option for those hooked to the sweeter forms of chocolate. A little brownie, more ice cream. Traditional but always works.

The Coconut Jaggery is a newer addition and a take on two favorites of the Indian Market. A creamy mushy concoction superhigh on sucrose levels.

Now the stuff that we sipped on to, The Rich Cold Coffee was one of the best preparations of rich, dark and pure cold coffee. A drink which made my day  and left a mark. Do ask for a double shot for the extra kick.

The Ferrero Rocher Shake is what any ferrero lover would love. While the Fruitlicious was a decent take on a fruit laden milkshake. Pretty to look at, average tastewise.

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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