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Attending Tastings and Hanging out with passionate foodies is always fun but the Invite for Raasta Café Preview was something else! All credits to Carpe Diem for extending the exclusive invite, never have I ever been so excited with the location of any restaurant as much as this – And why so? Because its on MY Side of the town, its HOME.

Kunal Mhaske, Brand Owner along with Franchise owners Ebrahim Chiniwala and Hitesh Milani have given NIBM a whole new place to let loose and unwind, like none else in this area.

P.S Having known Raasta as a brand, I already knew my next ‘chai pe charcha’ discussion when I meet my gang, and how I can now vainly flaunt another gem of my area. I am sure all those who live on this side of the city will agree with me. Now no more long drives and braving the traffic for sudden catch up plans. Also, no more ‘Mummy ki Daant’ for coming home late because I am right next door. Thank  You Raasta Café for choosing this area. And An ‘In-Your-Face’ to all those who said, “NIBM me kya hai?”

 Ambience (4/5)

 Raasta Café, NIBM (precisely extended NIBM Road) has potential to be the next big HUB in this area.  Situated on the top floor of Dorabjee Mall, the café is massive and spread over 4,500 sqft with a capacity of approx. 150 persons. It boasts of a natural scenic view, away from the city hustle. It’s posh and breezy with a perfect setting to enjoy the sunsets.   (A view when all you can hear are the cars honking away to glory, is not my idea of a rooftop)

The entrance looks like a ‘vintage painting’ with white caricatured walls to make you swoon. The seating is spaced out and comfortable. Also there will be a foosball and pool table to up the fun element.  Raasta Café NIBM has a very classic theme, completely different from the existing outlets, yet retains the Raastafarian culture.

 The Raasta Menu (4/5)

 Those who have been regulars at Raasta will find the menu familiar. A good mix of starters and finger food is the catch at Raasta. You can also see major street food inspiration in some of their ‘classic dishes’. There’s Italian, European and Middle Eastern mix on the menu. It’s not very exhaustive (you won’t be turning pages and pages) but has a little bit of everything.

There are some impressive items in the mains as well as desserts to sign off.  Popular for its cocktails and those sinful freak shakes, you have enough room for culinary exploration.

LPL Recommendation

 Hot Lamb Galouti Sliders

5 Spice Chicken Wings

Kheema Pav

Fish & Chips

Cheesecake with fresh berries

 Here’s a glimpse of my Indulgence at the Raasta Preview –

The teetotaler version of the Dreadlock Mojito (3/5) contained passion fruit and Mint. A refreshing drink in totality.

And here’s a look at all those cocktails for the night. (I didn’t taste any but they did make a pretty picture)


Dips & Pate (3/5)

Three varieties of dips served with lavash strips and pita pockets. You have Hummus, red pepper pate and tzatziki. The dips didn’t stand out individually but overall a decent dish.

5 Spice Chicken Wings (4/5)

A recommendation goes out for trying these chicken wings. Not too soft yet, meaty. Delicious chicken meat clinging onto those teeny-weeny bones was outstanding. #HighlyRecommended

Raasta Hot Lamb Galouti Sliders (4/5)

The word Galouti immediately reminds me of Lucknow and those juicy keema kababs cooked with papaya extract. Raasta café has done a good job with the sliders, giving them a touch of fusion. #HighlyRecommended

Kheema Pao (5/5)

No random intervention by unwanted vegetables and a pure bliss for meat lovers. One of the best Keema –Pao combinations, I loved it. #LPLFavorite #HighlyRecommended

Chicken Masala Fondue (3/5)

Plus one only for creatively presenting the chicken masala and Naan in a fondue form. Looks appealing and tasted satisfactory. Wouldn’t call it a starter per se and can be enjoyed effectively as part of your main course.


Watermelon & Feta (3/5)

A decent offering. The combination of watermelon and feta always works for me. I would prefer smaller cubes of the watermelon though instead of the massive chunks.


Herbs Marinated Grilled Chicken (3/5)

Unfortunately, the flavors of the Grilled chicken fell flat. The helping of the sauce on top did justice to the overall dish and pulled it off. Plus one for the perfectly cooked meat which did not taste shredded or elastic.

Fish & Chips (4/5)

Very soft and succulent chunks of fish served with tartar sauce on the side. The covering was crisp but didn’t overpower the texture of the fish. Pretty much how I like it. #Recommended

Traditional Clay Oven Tandoori Chicken (3/5)

A very satisfactory dish in terms of taste and presentation. No extraordinary flavors,  sticking to basics. A good try for chicken lovers.

Thai Curry with Rice (2.5/5)

Not a fan of the Thai Red Curry. This vegetarian preparation was satisfactory but could have been slightly  more edgy in terms of flavor.


Cheesecake with Fresh Berries (5/5)

The New York Style Fresh Berries Cheesecake was something. I am going back to hog on them very regularly. Perfection exudes with every single bite and this can give a lot of dessert parlours a run for their money.  There could not have been a better way to end the meal.  #LPLFavorite #HighlyRecommended

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Raasta Cafe. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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