Memory Garden Cafe – Triggering Hunger Pangs & Nostalgia

Memory Garden Cafe, Bavdhan

 It’s not always about the food, sometimes it’s about the effort.

Memory Garden Café is a story of a young girl with courage. Ashesha Jindal, a young MBA Graduate chose to quit her lucrative job and completely switched career paths. The humble café situated in the bylanes of Bavdhan is a manful enterprise by this one-woman army.

The café aims at taking you down memory lane with its food and ambience. Before ‘xoxo’ became the internet slang for hugs n kisses, they existed at the back of our notebooks. Does that ring a bell yet?

A book to read in this web dominated age with a cup of Maggi and Chai is no less than a blissful escape. Memory Garden revives memories and ignites nostalgia with its simplicity. I have always stood by the concept of ‘good food’ and this need not come from ‘professionally trained’ and ‘qualified’ chefs. Chef Jamat Mondal is the master of this kitchen. A man practically skilled and passionate about the food he cooks. His dishes exude simplicity, earthiness and are delicious.

The menu is pretty detailed for a sitout café. There is an eclectic mix of Indian, Mexican and Italian finger food/mains, also ‘all vegetarian’. There is an inclusion of international cuisines yet emphasis lies in the ‘desi factor’ that is lent by Chef Mondal.

The pricing effectively targets the student population and the residential hub of Bavdhan. A light eats, chit chat inducing space which goes easy on your pockets too.

The Menu

Maggi lovers are in for a treat. Memory Garden Café has plenty varieties of this popular snack. I tried the ‘Peri Peri Maggi’ which was absolutely scrumptious. Spicy, adequately runny and sprinkled with love.


The ‘Spinach and Cheese Ravioli’ was sheer delight. Handmade pasta parcels stuffed with cheesy spinach shreds in a saffron base. Flavors galore in every mouthful. By the looks of it and some ‘experts’ may take a dig stating that the ‘pasta’ here is not probably the right ‘technique’ or ‘texture’ but nonetheless it stole the show. The dish is melt in the mouth with a very familiar aroma which makes you feel homesick almost instantaneously.


‘Jalapeno Cheese Bites’, the name itself is a safe bet. The perfect snack alongside some ketchup and you are good to go. Well some of us may claim the ‘tartar’, ‘southwest’ or ‘ranch’ sauce would go better on the side, well but ‘tomato ketchup’ is in itself  a sentimental word or rather emotion. Well played with flavors and presentation here.

Jalapeno Cheese Bites

Also tried the ‘Cold Coffee’ (read customized to very strong) especially prepared by the owner Ashesha herself. The cheesecakes weren’t ready yet so had a spoonful (quite a few actually) of the ‘Brownie with Icecream’. They could really do with a little less sugar and a more bitter chocolate tinge.

In all a great place in the Bavdhan neighbourhood to unwind, I am sure plenty board games and a streak of snacks and coffee is in suit for all diners. A special mention to Ashesha Jindal and her team for being extremely cordial and warm hosts for the afternoon.

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