L’Dorado : New Menu

L Dorado, Pune’s Golden Food Truck has introduced some brand new additions on their menu! With some compelling combinations, the dynamic duo Rashi & Prateek are on a roll!

 1. Chicken Wings Reloaded

Without a doubt, L Dorado serves the meatiest chicken wings in the city. They have on board now the ‘Teriyaki’ and ‘Chilli Garlic’ Chicken Wings which are both equally succulent. And yes, I seem to have a softer corner for the Teriyaki- a smoked beauty. The teriyaki sauce is prepared in house by the duo and the flavor is astonishingly unique and piquant.

2. The Prawn Fries

With an already impressive range of fries on board, the Prawn Fries only elevates the street food standard. A very distinctive and probably the only place in the city which is serving Mangalorean Style Prawns topped on fries. The taste is a mix of hot, peppery and tangy. Definitely recommended for anyone on the lookout for some new options!

3. Batter Fried Sausages

I am a sucker for sausages and can devour it in any form. The chicken sausages are batter fried, rolled in ground spices and finished with some honey mustard. A lip smacking trio of ingredients and my favorite on their new menu! #LPLFavorite

4. The Big Bang Burger

I personally appreciate how each burger at L’Dorado is unconventional and disparate from each other. A lot of creativity and hard work goes behind such out of the box thinking! The Big Bang Burger, aptly called so serves Crumb fried chicken breasts sandwiched between sweet buns, loaded with poached eggs. A clear winner though their ‘Ghee Roast’ still has my heart.

5Some More From The New Menu

Apart from these aforementioned beauties, they are now serving Nachos (in heaps literally) and two new variants on the burger front – The BBQ Paneer and The Teriyaki Pork. Some additions on the dessert menu are the mini pancakes & waffles (yet to try them out)

6. What’s Drippin’

The Ginger Ale (one of their signature drinks) is now served reloaded with soda, which is certain to make you go pop! With enhanced flavors and zing, this is a perfect drink to wash down all the yumm-iness that you gorge on here. A new introduction is the Fennel (Saunf) Sherbet which is more of a sweet-ish take! This mouth freshener turned drink is unexpectedly quite filling too!


Head to L’Dorado now for a scrumptious experience. For more on what LPL recommends, head to my Earlier Post !


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