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Texas Towers, Kharadi

For a place which parades the tag ‘American Bar and Grill’, Texas Tower’s scrumptious Indian and Mughlai grub comes forth as a pleasant surprise.

The ambience is a fantastic reflection of the theme of the place. Texas, the melting pot of South America is synonymous with a culture that is outmoded yet fashionable. The leather upholstery seems straight out of a Mafia feature film. Walls have artistic imprints of old world America. The checkered flooring in the outdoor area or the magnificent bar are both enigmatic and convey intelligent use of space.

Texas Tower does not have ‘ a bar’ but bar(s). Yes, you read it right, three counters right there to pour the night away. I tried quite a few of their mocktails but nothing beats the ‘Crancooler’ – cranberry juice, lychee, soda and some ginger cordial (concentrate). Let’s close this at wow.


The ones that easily make it to the list of Highly Recommended shall be the Fried Mozzarella – strips of heavenly mozzarella crumb fried to perfection. The Tandoori Mushroom was a splendid dish, simply next level. Beautifully cooked mushrooms in a creamy flavorful, slightly sweet on the edges base.

Fried Mozzarella

Tandoori Mushrooms

The Karara Paneer Kebab was a perfect example of innovation gone wrong. Guess they concentrated on the presentation way more than the flavors. The itsy bitsy paneer was lost in the ocean of fried strips. I could gather similarities with the simple paneer pakoda, but messed up.

Karara Paneer Kebab

The Wok Tossed Paneer and the American Corn Cheese Balls are the safest bet. Nothing spectacular but, again nothing wrong.

Wok Tossed Paneer

American Corn Cheese Balls

The Mix Veg Shashlik sizzler joins the league of average with nothing to recall.

Shashlik Sizzler

Non Vegetarian

To begin with, we tried the signature Tangdi Kebab. The classic tandoor item which had all of us going gaga. Ideal for those who are not too experimental with their food choices.

Tangdi Kebab

I prefer my steaks with solid meat and by that I clearly refer to red meat. I do not despise Chicken or Fish but again them in Steaks? – Definitely not my first choice. The Chicken Steak at Texas Tower was definitely delicious but would love to try their lamb version. The blend of pepper sauce, mashed potatoes is a classic. Well done. Steak. (Puns Intended)

Chicken Steak

The Raan Masala could be a great pick. Shredded lamb cooked in a tangy rich gravy. I would have preferred the raan in one-piece rather than shreds but nonetheless, the flavors and richness was bang on.

Raan Masala

Well here’s my take on the Pizza and Pasta brigade at Texas Tower. We tried the Californian Pizza and Alfredo Pasta. A clear signal to what is definitely NOT the forte here at Texas Towers.

Alfredo Pasta

The Hot Wings and Fish n Chips were in best forms. The perfect accompaniments to some slurpicious drinks.

Hot Wings

The serpentine menu has a lot of continental read steaks, wings and fries – more like a hit and miss affair. The portion size and pricing are very competitive considering the gigantic space, ideal for corporate team dinners and group gatherings. A good experience which gets a plus one just for the ambience.

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Texas Tower. A huge shoutout to Hatim Lokhandwala from Crescent Media for being an extremely gracious host for the evening. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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