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The Diabetic Food Trail is a unique initiative to help diabetics be better equipped in managing the condition through changes in lifestyle and diet. This is the second edition of the innovative concept, which is a brainchild of Mr. Manoj Pinto & Ms. Seema Pinto, Founder Directors of Semora Entertainment Works.

The DFT is supported by Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials, Biocon, Fitternity and Burrp! Each being a stalwart in their respective industry have joined hands to promote the social objective of making healthy diabetic friendly food popular in the F&B Industry.

Diabetic Friendly Food is being served in over 200 restaurants in over 5 cities – 12th November to 30th November 2016. Participating Restaurants in Pune include – Latitude at Taj Vivanta, April Rain, Sante Spa Cuisine, Dario, Dezio, Malaka Street, Tales & Spirits, Real Green Café, Faasos, Flambos, Little Italy, Woodfire Grill, Blue Frog, Bistro Nutri Food and Fern Residency.

My Take On DFT

I love my food and eating out is like an addiction, I don’t want to get over. The only thought that bothers me sometimes is the health risk that I’m exposing myself to. Eating out or even indulging yourselves too much at home by surrendering to your cravings exposes you to numerous health risks – diabetes being a very common one. The disease has been ignored for long by blaming it on genetic or hereditary factors when the facts are actually very different. The sedentary lifestyle and lack of knowledge and information is the primary cause of turmoil in any healthy life.

DFT has taken a commendable initiative which largely –

  1. Informs:

Not every form of Indulgence is unhealthy, DFT aims to inform the public at large that eating out can be healthy too if you make the right choices.

  1. Enlightens:

Break the myths of ‘what-to-eat’ and ‘what-not-to’ for those stuck in the endless cycle of being diabetic.

  1. Brightens:

Eating out at your favorite restaurants and having the most scrumptious meals which are enriched with goodness can be a thoroughly delightful experience for health conscious individuals, diabetics, pre-diabetics etc.

 The DFT Experience at Latitude By Taj Vivanta

 I would like to thank Simran Sabhani from Alphabet Media for inviting me to try out the Diabetic Food Trail and Head Chef Sachin Joshi at the Latitude for crafting and executing a very delicious and guilt-free menu. A special mention to Charles for being a great host for the evening.

Latitude at Taj Vivanta, Pune shall be serving Diabetic Friendly Menu upto the 30th of November.

The specially crafted DFT Menu was more exhaustive than I expected.  A good combination of mocktails, coolers, salads, starters, mains and desserts awaits you. The menu is detailed giving you an insight of the nutritional value. A very impressive ‘watch what you eat concept’.

LPL Recommends

  • Garlic Hummus, Cucumber & Carrot crudités

  • Char Grilled Pesto prawns

  • Whole wheat schezwan noodles

  • Tofu Chocolate Cheese Cake

  • Orange, carrot, ginger Chia Seed cooler

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 135, Carb – 30g, Fat – 0g, Protein – 2.1g

Price: 250 INR

LPL Take: (3/5)

A very refreshing drink and a palate cleanser. The flavor of ginger is negligible though. A more carroty, less orangey drink.

  • Soya Milk, Almond & Prune smoothie

 Nutritional Value: Kcal – 80, Carb – 20g, Fat – 0g, Protein – 5.4g

Price: 250 INR

LPL Take: (2.5/5)

The soya milk is presented in its utmost purity, you can feel the essence of it being freshly extracted. Comparatively bland when compared to the former cooler.

  • Baby corn, Bean Sprouts & Cucumber salad with Lemon basil dressing

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 36, Carb – 6g, Fat – 0.2g, Protein – 1.5g

Price: 400 INR

LPL Take: (3/5)

A wonderful mix of sprouts and baby corn. It’s a dish put together by the health fanatics without compromising on taste.


  • Garlic Hummus, Cucumber & Carrot crudités

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 39, Carb – 7.2g, Fat – 1g, Protein – 1.8g

Price: 400 INR

LPL Take: (4/5)

The Hummus was definitely one of the best I’ve had and with that kind of calorie content, I would comfortably indulge in more than one helping. A spread of freshly sliced cucumbers and carrots replaces the traditional pita bread or lavash.

  • Citrus baked Salmon with Asparagus & Garlic olive oil

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 157, Carb – 0.5g, Fat – 6g, Protein – 22g

Price: 1000 INR

LPL Take: (4/5)

Loved the citrus flavors which blended so well with the chunk of salmon. I’m a sea food lover and this salmon was extremely well cooked. The marination and garlic olive oil further elevated the flavors.

  • Char Grilled Pesto Prawns

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 101, Carb – 1.3g, Fat – 1.5g, Protein – 19.4g

Price: 1125 INR

LPL Take: (5/5)

The best dish from the DFT Menu and definitely the highlight of the dinner. Fresh and succulent pieces of prawns marinated in pesto and grilled, had an unusual and exceptional taste. If DFT items can be this delectable, I volunteer to skip the usual menu. Devouring your favorite item was never more satisfying knowing that every morsel is so low on carbs, calories and fat.

  • Whole wheat schezwan noodles

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 165, Carb – 37.2g, Fat – 2g, Protein – 8g

Price: 500 INR

LPL Take: (4/5)

A great option for vegetarians. You will not feel even a drip of oil and yet the noodles are just the way they should be – who thought that noodles can get this healthy?


  • Eggless & Sugar Free Apple Pie

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 125, Carb – 6g, Fat – 2.3g, Protein – 8.8g

Price: 275 INR

LPL Take: (3/5)

Having desserts for a diabetic individual is a dream but with DFT this dream can be fulfilled or more appropriately – happily fulfilled! The pie is a rich dessert having flavor, taste and very little sugar.

  • Tofu Chocolate Cheese Cake

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 174, Carb – 35.8g, Fat – 4g, Protein – 4.4g

Price: 275 INR

LPL Take: (5/5)

The unbelievably good looking and equally good tasting dessert. It’s so delicious that it takes a while to sink in that this dessert actually contains tofu. A brave and successful attempt at dessert making.

  1. Fresh Fruit Panna Cotta

Nutritional Value: Kcal – 37.2, Carb – 15g, Fat – 11g, Protein – 2.4g

Price: 275 INR

LPL Take: (4/5)

A blend of all exotic fruits in this panna cotta is a very ‘light on your tongue’ type of dessert. Not much of a sugar rush yet enough to end your meal on a happy note.


P.S  I would recommend the Diabetic Food Trail for Diabetics and Non Diabetics alike. Its a unique experience in the F&B Industry , which should be definitely given a shot.

Disclaimer:  The review is based on a Complimentary Food Tasting Invite extended by Alphabet Media in association with Diabetic Food Trail. 


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