Coco – Chopsticks & Vogue

Coco – Chopsticks & Vogue

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Coco, is a unique ‘members only’ lounge concept by Kunal Mhaske. Since its launch, Coco has been doing the rounds for primarily three reasons.

  1. Members Only Club
  2. The Black Theme
  3. Sushi and Bar

Let’s decode these one at a time!

Members Only Club

a. What does Members Only Mean?  The club membership is open via recommendations and yes you need to have a membership in order to dine at Coco Sushi and Bar. In other words, it’s not open to common public.

b. All members are entitled to privileges and offers which make this club very sought after.

c. The members can dine in with their non member friends/family. The credibility of the crowd is certainly maintained in this sort of a setup. After all we all prefer a like-minded crowd when dining, don’t we?


Calm and composed yet oozing with style, is what the Coco ambience has in store for you.

Black never looked this classy! The black theme is definitely one of a kind concept unique in Pune! The color black goes berserk at Coco. The walls and upholstery, the bar and also the cutlery have a glossy black finish. The dim lightings and the 12th floor view from Onyx Towers make Coco a perfect spot for a date night or a casual night out with friends sans the crowd.


Sushi & Bar

It’s a club which flourishes on the food front as well. You’ve got sushis, sashimis and dimsums to suit your moods.

Lead by Chef Jugal Pradhan, the cuisine is primarily Asian with its prime focus on bar bites! Sushi with some wine – that’s how you dine here at Coco.

Ok now we know ‘coco’ sounds damn cute and ‘sushi & bar’ sounds cuter! Here’s a look at the menu-

  1. Ebi Sushi Roll

Ebi refers to a style of preparing shrimps in Japan which gives it a very butterfly-ish – open look! The ebi sushi roll was stupendous, with the shrimps delicately flavored with chilli and stir fried. #Recommended

  1. Spiced Avocado Sushi

The vegetarian sushi was decent if not great. The spiced avocado had a strong flavor which overpowered the subtleness of the vinaigrette rice.


  1. Chicken Shitake Dumplings

One bite can make you a fan! The thin covering and the fabulously flavored chicken meat sends you into food coma almost immediately. Shitake is an edible mushroom cultivated in Japan and China, which only adds to the exoticness of the dish.

  1. Wakame Salad

Wakame is an edible seaweed! Now seaweed and salad didn’t work too well for me. The flavors are dull and pungent, definitely not for my palate.

  1. Crackling Rice and Chicken Salad

Probably one of the healthiest tastings, where we munched on salads and gulped down sushis. This particular salad had a sweet n sour touch to it, pretty decent.

  1. Chicken Wrapped In Banana Leaves

Loved this! I l dig steamed meat and this particular one gives the dumpling deja vu, of course on the filling front. The meat is well flavored, well cooked, well presented! Perfect.

  1. Tengra Chicken

The Head Chef at Coco has his roots in the North Eastern part of the country! Tengra style chicken is a specialty of Calcutta chilly chicken. The name definitely ups your expectation but the dish turns out pretty average.

  1. Burmese Khow Suey Soup

Khow Suey has been my muse for over a year now. My likeability for this delicacy has got me in two minds about any Burmese ancestral connection that I may have. The gravy is stupendous and the gush of flavors gets me happy high every time. The Burmese khow suey soup at Coco is impressive at every sip. A great appetizer.

  1. Crispy Lotus Stems

I had not remotely imagined that something as humble as lotus stems would  taste this wonderful. A pure vegetarian dish, which deserves to be devoured by every non vegetarian too. #HighlyRecommended

  1. Dynamite Prawns

Taste wise the dish fares pretty decent but indeed very dynamite-y in its presentation.

  1. Roast Duck

Plating skills on point for this delicacy but the flavors fail to match up. The duck meat feels a tad too dry and falls flat on the taste front. You will feel the dire need to depend on a condiment to gulp down this one.


In a word – ‘Bizarre’. Using the most unusual combinations to dish up desserts is a feat. The end result has been more misses than hits for me, here’s a brief insight.

It’s rare to find ice-cream go wrong but it kind of does when infused with wasabi! The Wasabi Ice-cream didn’t work for my palate at all considering the bland flavors.


The Lemongrass & Pineapple Sorbet was a decent concoction if not great.

The Smoked Chocolate Mousse fares decent thanks to the chocolate content, pretty low on sugar as well as bitterness.

Loved the presentation and idea behind the Tender Coconut Mousse, pretty good stuff and my savior on dessert front.

The Honey Pannacotta was too low on sucrose again making you think twice if you are actually relishing desserts or not?


The entire menu was a mix of hits and misses. Coco faces a slight turbulence when it comes to Asian cuisine, considering its peers in the industry. However, the ‘members only’ concept and the ambience certainly work as the game changer.

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Coco – Sushi & Bar.  The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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