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Teddy Boy is Baner’s Brand New Baby! It’s a Retro- themed Gastro Pub spread over a massive 13,000 sqft area.  The classy rooftop lounge gives you an enchanting eagle-eye view of the city. After enjoying a loyal patronage in New Delhi, Teddy Boy welcomes Puneites to bask in an all new Fusion-Dining Experience.

The Concept is a brainchild of Priyank Sakhuja.  ‘Teddy Boy’ is inspired by the 1950s Fashion Culture of Britain. In common parlance, ‘Teddy Boys’ in London represented the working class teenagers of post World War II Era. True to its name, the staff at Teddy Boy is dressed in Hues of Reds & Blues. Zoot Suits, Suspenders and Waistcoats! They have their theme in place in the attire as well as the interiors – both elegant and quirky.

Ambience : 4/5

The place is groovy yet, appeasing. It’s a Pub with a variety of seating arrangements to suit your moods. The lower floor has an English Pub set up and also a Dance floor for you to tap a feet or two! The rooftop is the perfect place to ‘zone out’. The ambience and location is undoubtedly the high-point of Teddy Boy. A genuine ‘Treat-For-The-Eyes’ awaits you.

LPL Recommendations

Banta Strawberry Chat

Teddy Fiery Prawns

Pita With Mushrooms

Kasundi Chicken


LPL Tip: I would recommend you to restrict your orders to more of Finger Food and Starters. The main course is just about satisfactory.

Drinks : (4/5)

The ‘Banta Strawberry Chat’ leaves a mark and How! I have never tasted a more tongue -tantalising mocktail ever. Hats off to Mixologist Mr. Felix Eleson for this ‘one-in-million-drink’. Being a serial-drinker (oops…serial mocktail drinker), I found myself stuck in the sweet-n-sour monotony of mocktails for quite a while. The ‘Banta Strawberry Chat’ has an incomparable flavour, that strawberry essence with a hint of chat is my new muse! It is served Dilli-style in ‘Banta Bottles’, reminiscent of the street side shikanji. This is definitely that one drink you won’t regret!

The cocktails were also highly appreciated, especially the ‘Banta Bubbly Pan’ and the ‘Passion Mango Martini’.

Food : (3/5)

Teddy Boy has roped in MasterChef Finalist Chef Doyel Sarangi to execute their Fusion Menu. The Menu is vast consisting of a lot of finger-food, good old dishes with a twist and creative desserts. The pricing seemed a little on the higher-end especially because the dishes fail to leave a mark on your palates. The variety is huge but, it’s difficult to find ‘the stuff’ that you may want to repeat/re-order.

A few of the dishes thoroughly impressed me though. With their unmatched presentation & taste, these dishes touched the right notes on my tongue.

  1. Teddy Fiery Prawns

This was my favorite from the Night. King-sized prawns served in a Martini glass were truly delicious in all aspects. The subtle flavors of the dip superbly blended with the prawns.  Also, the prawns were not ‘fiery’ at all, the name didn’t do justice to this dish after all. #YouHaveToTryThis

  1. Kasundi Chicken

A delightful starter. Kasundi is used as a preservative in Bengal. The Chef nailed it with her take on the innovative dish. It gets your taste buds rolling from the very first bite. Chicken Satay dipped in that Mustard base  is a #MustTry at Teddy Boy.

  1. Pita with Mushrooms

An innovative touch to pita pockets stuffed with a delectable mushroom filling. The pita bread was toasted with butter and served with hummus. Its certainly a good option for vegetarians.

Almost There!

Here’s mentioning a few noteworthy items, although there was nothing exceptional about the taste.

The Mix Veg. Papad Cones –  served on a truck, was typically Masala Papad re-invented. The papad cones are stuffed with veggies which quite resembled a veg-keema preparation, looked unique and fared average taste-wise.

Chicken Smoky Wings – the smoky flavor wasn’t evident at all.

Teddy Boy serves Taco Style Kulchas. Served on fancy cycle rickshaw set-up – the presentation was a lot fancier than the taste. The Chicken Kulcha was better than its counterpart Aloo Chole, the latter combination just didn’t work for me.


The Mushroom Nachos were decent, Yes exactly that!

Grilled Fish With Strawberry Sauce is a signature dish of Chef Doyel Sarangi. The ironed fish was well done and served on a bed of delicious mashed potatoes.


Grilled Herb Prawns served with radish sauce was very appetizing. Seafood lovers clearly have more choices at Teddy Boy.

The Let Downs!

Few of the dishes didn’t even stand close to expectations – Potato Skin Chat seemed more like dried potato chips, while the Grilled Chicken Steak with wine sauce was very bland and highly desiccated. Our Desi items on the main course – Butter Chicken and Mutton Roganjosh are best avoided.

I tried the ‘Deconstructed Rasmalai Tiramisu’ for dessert. I could like to call it a ‘little bit of everything’ – the chena rasmalai on a bed of strong flavored tiramisu topped with cream was more confusing than tempting. They say too many cooks spoil the broth – a lot of items that didn’t really gel with each other turned out to be just another ordinary dessert.

P.S This Review is based on the exclusive Food Tasting session hosted by Teddy Boy in association with Carpe Diem.

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