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There could not have been a more innovative way to revamp the erstwhile Little Door to what it is today. My first visit to the ‘friendly neighborhood café’ post their makeover and it has been an immensely congenial experience. Great Food with nonchalant vibes which just let you be – is totally the TLND thing.

I was recently at the restaurant to review their Sunday Anti Brunch, all credits to Carpe Diem. Special mention to Ashutosh &  Mayur for being exceptionally good hosts and Shivangi Shah for extending the invite. I loved the idea of the Anti-Brunch, which is a result of some intuitive and futuristic thinking.  It is antagonizing the usual brunches that we have been going to all our lives and a trend that definitely needs to be making more noise in the market.

Why Anti Brunch?

Let’s answer that question or rather get you an excuse to experience the Anti Brunch at TLND in  a simple 1-5!

1. The Concept

If you are also one of those who dig buffets just for their starters and desserts and have rarely ventured into having that heavy main course – then this Anti Brunch is meant for you.

Get rid of the monotony of those scripted buffets and break the ice. The Little Next Door has Barbeque & Chargrills serving over 10 varieties, DIY Salads, The Pasta & Pizza Station, Pancake Counter and Eggs Made To Order which further compliment the relaxed Sunday vibes at TLND.

2.  The Sumptuous Spread

They have a fresh menu every Sunday but here’s a glimpse of the #LPLFavorites from the Anti-Brunch.  The ‘Charcoal Chicken Sausages’ and the ‘Achar Tandoori Chicken’ are absolutely fabulous, they get you going from the first bite. ‘Harissa Cottage Cheese’ and ‘Balsamic Mushrooms’ are perfect appetisers for vegetarians. Distinctive flavors for each dish and served right off the grill setting the tempo right for the Anti-Brunch.

The Meaty Salad in Caesar Dressing was equally delectable, some greens and olives in a heap of salami and other meat is extremely light on the palate while being full of flavor. #MustTry


The ‘Thin Crust Pizzas’ are phenomenal with cheese lathered all over it, usually thin crust pizzas lack that- but again what’s a pizza without cheese, right?

The ‘Seafood Pasta’ prepared in white sauce is another must try item, you can choose your toppings. I got mine made with a lot of fresh shrimps, zucchini, olives and bell peppers.

The ‘Pancakes’ here are something else. DO NOT begin your meal with this or you might end up not moving on to anything else. They are light, fluffy and available with a variety of toppings – nutella, maple, whipped cream or blueberry.

Choose from over 6 options in the Dessert Arena. Their in house bakery serves one of the most luscious Red velvet cakes & cupcakes, fresh fruit gateaux  and chocolate brownies. The ‘Fruit Tarts’ were my favorites from the lot.

The array of mocktails and other drinks are excellent. The ‘Ginger Roger’ mocktail which is a refreshing take on the ginger ale is definitely worth a try.

3. The Pricing

The prices at the ‘Little Next Door’, especially for the kind of quality and service they offer, is simply astounding.  The Anti Brunch’ is one of the most Value For Money options in Pune. For teetotalers like me, who are basically on the prowl only for food, this Deal is Golden.

₹495 + Tax: Food only

₹990 + Tax: Food with Beer & Sangria

4. The Timing

Two Days in a week – that is all that this ruthless world gives you to break the monotony of regular life.  Prioritizing these two days is another baffling task – and you can feel me when I say that sleeping for longer hours (way after the sun is up) is a dire necessity at least once a week. Imagine dragging yourself out of bed just to make it in time for lunch somewhere – sounds absolutely ‘blah’ and brutally kills the ‘Sunday vibe’ .

The timings at The Little Next Door are flexible enough to suit all your moods.  12PM to 6PM ,that’s how they spoil you! Probably the only place in town which serves a handsome spread with LIVE counters which are ALIVE till the sun goes down, well almost!

5. The Fun n Games

Picture this,  You are tired of overloading your dish with the yummy pasta, you feel stuffed right upto your nose and the guy at the Live Counter is now a good acquaintance (thanks to your frequent visits in the last hour) and also you have practically run out of things to chatter about! What do you do now?  Play it easy with a few Board Games exclusively available at TLND to help you crawl out of that awkward silence zone.  Also, the Life Sized Jenga  or that Foosball Game in the corner may come to your rescue. Burn some calories  while you are here just to stuff yourselves some more!

Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of The Little Next Door. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.

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