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Evviva Sky Lounge

The revamped ‘Evviva Sky Lounge’ opened its doors to public very recently amidst papparazi and a swarm of celebrities. Shiv Raheja, an eminent real estate developer is the man behind the stylish new makeover of Evviva.  The new party hotspot is now an ostentatious lounge with a panoramic view of the city’s skyline.

The view from the Eighth floor of Crowne Plaza is undeniably at apogee of all things good at Evviva. The stunning view of the setting sun sets the tone for a perfect evening with a glass of your favorite drink. Still hunting for the next sundowner venue? Evviva has you covered.

A deep blue radiance engulfs Evviva once the sun sets in. With some foot tapping music, the place builds up a high against the neon backdrop. The menu is quite in tune with the concept of the lounge. Bar bites and finger food matched with a varied menu of hard and soft drinks, you can choose your poison from the mammoth array.

The Flow at Evviva

My teetotaler take on the bar menu would indeed be deficient but nonetheless here’s to a drink which might provide solace to the likes of me. The ‘Lychee Melange’ is a drink which takes the mocktail standards to a new high. Fresh muskmelon, lychee and lime juice come together to create magic. While the muskmelon flavors are very mellow, the lychee and lime are impactful.


The Spread at Evviva

The Mini Assorted Bruschetta came dangling on a scale of justice. The presentation seems off but the flavors were bang on. A mix of Tomato and parmesan, Guacamole and olives works wonders.

The Italian Chilly Cheese Toast and Twice Cooked Smoked Button Mushrooms are legit recommended for those fond of ‘Blue Cheese’. This form of cheese known for its sharp piquant flavor and pungent odour, is used in abundance in these two appetizers. Not something which my palate approves of, so skippable for me.

Smoked Button Mushrooms

The Tandoori Basil Paneer Tikka is one of the most luscious forms of paneer here. The flavor of Basil (Tulsi) lends a fresh touch and strikes a perfect chord with the rusticness of the tandoor. A highly recommended appetizer.

Tandoori Basil Paneer Tikka

Again one of the best versions of Calamari I have tried. The Tangy Masala Fried Calamari with Sriracha Mayo is a blend of all the delicious flavors without a single mismatch. The calamari was fresh and fried just right to not lose out on its flavor. The dip only left me tongue tied. #HighlyRecommended

You have to see the Jumbo Prawns at Evviva to redefine what Jumbo means. The Ajwaini Jumbo Prawns had succulent, meaty and unusually large prawns on the table. Rich and blindly recommended for any seafood lover.

Ajwaini Jumbo Prawns

The 8th Floor Quesadilla was a disappointment. The flavors were pretty haywire and narrows down the options for vegetarians. This one definitely needs some working on. The sour cream once again had a strong hint of blue cheese.

8th Floor Quesadilla


The Roghni Murgh Tikka and Amritsari Fish n Chips were typical Indian Appetizers which were successfully pulled off.

The word ‘Mega’ has invariably always caught my fancy. Since the start of the evening, I was excitedly looking forward to the ‘Evviva Non Vegetarian Mega Sampler’. The sampler had an assortment of Buffalo Wings, Calamari Rings, Nachos and Southern Fried Chicken. Both the Buffalo wings and fried chicken had exceptional texture and flavor. A completely flawless preparation.

Mega Sampler

We tried the Cheesecake and Coffee Caramel Custard for desserts. The cheesecake was not the regular but nonetheless very delicious. It had a more spongy than smooth texture, but since baked cheesecakes are my weakness, this one clearly won. The caramel custard had a strong hint of coffee which was evident in appearance as well as taste. A decent attempt in all.


Coffee Caramel Custard

‘Evviva’ is the Italian term for ‘Cheers’ and that makes it one of the most aptly christened places. Located in the heart of the city with a captivating ambience, a menu which compliments the vibe and an evening which does not rip off your pockets, Evviva is here to stay!

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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Carpe Diem on behalf of Evviva Sky Lounge. The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party

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