Sante Spa Cuisine – Taking The Road Less Travelled

Sante Spa Cuisine

Sante Spa Cuisine is one of the most ‘unconventional’ setups in the restaurant market. Why do I say that?

  1. They are ‘Uber healthy’ – read organic, vegan and nutritious.
  2. The ‘Osho crowd’ and our friends from Videsh being their maximus customer base, the pricing remains upscale.
  3. The place is an ‘all green’ arena which in other words yells ‘Vegetarian’ in bold.

So how is it that a healthy, pricey and vegetarian place works and gets wondrous business? The answer lies in the unique concept at Sante Spa Cuisine.

As suggestive of its name, Sante Spa Cuisine promulgates food which is not only palatable but also nutritious. The kind of food that benefits you even after it crosses the two inches mark on your tongue.

You enter the dimly lit place and the welcome board reads,

“You don’t have to eat less,

Just eat right! “

They bring this quote to life. The food at Sante tantalizes as well as satisfies your taste buds. The cuisine at Sante aims to rejuvenate you after every meal, a likewise experience that we expect at a health spa.

I’m a meat addict and many more from my so called breed have had some amazing meals at Sante. The restaurant is doing things right while it has taken the road less travelled and I can gladly say all my visits here have been at par. Here’s taking you through my recent visit to this one of a kind place.

Great effort goes behind designing this kind of a menu which uses healthy and nutritious ingredients on such a massive scale. They source most of their produce from their organic farm while their breads and bases are baked in house.

Bread Basket

The Bread basket’ is profoundly a collection of the healthiest breads that you can lay your hands on which includes the latest ‘Activated Charcoal’ basket. Black looks exotic, this is an undeniable fact and the basket adds an appealing black and white shade on the table.
They have an array of butters which include the country style chia white butter, mushroom and soy foam, tomato and chilly foam and the garlic foam (my beloved). Interesting and appetizing, it fits both scales.


Moving on we hopped on to some salads, the ‘Spaghetti of Vegetables’ and ‘Mediterranean Quinoa’. Both had different flavors while the latter stood out for me in particular. I’m not a huge quinoa fan but fruits, walnuts and feta worked great as a combination.

Sweet Potato Bake

This one was a dish to relish. Soft, subtle and flavorful. A gluten free and delicious combination of sweet and sour. The use of burnt garlic and sour cream is uh-mazing. A must try.

Sweet Potato Bake


Beetroot & Spinach Hummus with Khakra Chips

This dish was the highlight of my meal. I love hummus and both the versions at Sante – beetroot and spinach work perfectly. The khakra chips on the side are the perfect guilt free munchies. A perfect combination for appetizers.

Beetroot and Spinach Hummus

Pan Seared Zucchini Kebabs

Zucchini is one of my preferred vegetables especially when sautéed and presented on the side with mains. However its full fledged singular performance as a kebab was just about average.  The flavors are light and balanced, but nothing stands out.

Pan Seared Zucchini Kebabs

Oats and Fig Smoothie

The look of this may confuse you. It seems like a bowl of dessert but is rather your much needed bowl of goodness. Its filled with oats and sliced figs in a dessert like consistency. Loved this one.

Oats and Fig Smoothie


Yes, they have an array of pizzas as well. Stone baked crust made of ragi flour and whole wheat, the end result is good looking, decent tastewise and fulfills the objective of a low cal pizza.

I tried the Pizza Verde which looks straight out of a forest with capers, spinach, arugula, zucchini and a base of basil pesto. Trust me this dish can work as a brand ambassador for a ‘go green’ campaign.

Pizza Verde

The Pizza Farm Fresh was a more colorful take with sundried tomatoes, olives and jalapenos. The use of Ragi makes these pizzas more filling than the usual. A great option worth a try.


Bajra Riso

A part of the Mains, the Bajra Riso works better than most Risottos I have tried. Served with mungo spinach and green beans, this protein rich dish comes out better than I expected.

Bajra Riso

Thai Curried Vegetables

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Thai Curries. The green one is a personal favorite but I loved the ‘Red’ here too. This one is a vegan version but scrumptious to the core.

Thai Curried Vegetable


Guilt free indulgence is right here. Only if all desserts could be this healthy, sigh! The ‘Valrhona Chocolate Pie’ stands out as excellent and my favorite from the night. The form of French chocolate made purely from cocoa beans is rich, dark and sinful.

Valrhona Chocolate Pie

The ‘Matcha Truffles’ were probably not in their best form and slightly frozen. However, the taste remained commendable.

Matcha Truffles

The ‘Almond Muesli Ice Cream’ was a refreshing change from all the chocolate-ness. A good dessert again, the crunchy muesli addition totally lifts this one up.

Almond Muesli Ice Cream

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