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Kinki – Less Amused, More Bemused

Kinki Modern Asian Kitchen and Molecular Bar


A painting. A work of art (5/5)

Kinki – Modern Asian Kitchen & Molecular Bar is the newest pursuit by the Makers of the very renowned Swig, Prem’s and Euriska. The ambience at Kinki is a clear reflector of its cuisine and idea. Hues of red, pink and blue cloud the skyline at Kinki. Vibrant but not loud at all. The interiors are origami-inspired with streams of lights across the hall.  Even the Menu is a sight to watch, a blot of red against that deep blue is indeed attention grabbing.


Every nook and corner oozes art and so worthy of being any writer’s muse. The vibe is uplifting and also engaging. Enough said, let the pictures do the talking.


The artistic ambience is a clear winner and leaves an immediate impact on the diner. A stellar win at that.




P.S For starters, ‘the name’ which is has been the talk of the season – Kinki. The word kinky is used to describe anything offbeat or quirky and yes it can be in a non-sexual way too. So much for the vocabulary, huh!

Spectacular Drinks (4/5)

Offbeat and Quirky is imbibed in almost every drink served at Kinki. With striking names and an awe-gasmic presentation. The molecular drinks at Kinki are way beyond regular.

Being a teetotaler, I was offered the dummy versions of their signature cocktails. And that precisely means I was offered soda, green tea and lemon juice as substitute for the hard drinks. The drinks looked equally spectacular and the tailored alcohol free versions of a few truly worked for me. I could feast my eyes and no hangover, Life is good!

Zen Green Tea
Zen Green Tea
Day Into Evening
Day Into Evening
Tokyo Midtown
Tokyo Midtown
Drunken Botanist
Drunken Botanist
Smoked Pimm's Cup
Smoked Pimm’s Cup
Bangkok's Wisdom
Bangkok’s Wisdom


The Relish-ables on the Table (3/5)

Not all of them were ‘able’. On the food front, Kinki falls one step behind especially when compared to the raging Asian food scenes in the city. However, I could definitely recommend a few of my picks from the detailed menu.

  1. Honey Grilled Chicken Bao with Kimchi and Mayo

Bao or steamed buns are a favorite Chinese delicacy and Kinki excels at this. The texture, filling and everything else about this dish falls together perfectly. And with that crazy dash of mayo, this Bao was absolutely wow.

Honey Grilled Chicken Bao

  1. Dimsums

I have rarely had a face-off with bad dimsums. (Touchwood) I love dimsums from the core of my heart to the extent that I could feed on it for days and not complain. The dimsum range at Kinki is impressive and at par with the best in the city. My favorite would be the Prawn & Chives and the Basil Chicken Siu Mai.


  1. Fire Cracker Prawns

A spring roll sorts preparation. The prawns were meaty and succulent and blended beautifully in thin wonton sheets, served deep fried. The flavors are light giving the prawns a clear leverage.

Firecracker Prawns

  1. Kaeng Phet Koong

A compliacated name but with simple flavors that go ga-ga on your tongue. A simple Thai Red Curry preparation with grilled prawns, stir fried broccoli, bamboo shoots and topped with basil chilli butter. Tastes heavenly when teamed with some Sticky Jasmin Rice. A great order for the mains.

Thai Red Curry


The ‘Could Do Better’ Legion

  1. Sushi

Coming back to the fact that Pune has a sudden rush when it comes to trying the Sushi. The sushi at Kinki is not bad but definitely not the best too. A mixed experience wherein the Veg Blush can easily be missed. The Prawn Tempura saved the day or probably that’s just some well cooked prawn.


  1. Chicken and Water Chestnut

I missed the chicken here. The salad is loaded or rather overloaded with water chestnuts and that forms 90% of the dish. The dressing is lemon and coconut based which is definitely refreshing.  A good balance could do very well for this preparation.

Chicken and water chestnut salad


  1. Lemongrass Chicken Skewers

Great expectations generally lead to sheer disappointment. A simple dish enriched with strong essence of lemongrass but fails on the texture and flavor front. The chicken skewers tasted chewy, and that spoils it all.

lemongrass chicken skewers

  1. Thai Basil Fish

Wasn’t expecting just the Basa fish here. A decent attempt which lacks the traditional Thai spices. Well cooked, but not the best fish dish here.

Thai Basil Fish

  1. Canh Ga

Vietnamese Chicken Wings are called Canh ga. Not the best variant of wings that you could try, pretty arid on the inside. Something that could be missed.

Canh Ga


  1. Japanese Cheesecake

Wondering what is this gem of a dessert doing in the ‘could do better’ list? I am probably too judgmental of my desserts and this beauty laid down high hopes and forks on the table. Again an average outcome of what could have been amazing. The cheesecake is light and airy but tad too sweet bearing resemblance to hardcore Indian Sweets.

Japanese Cheesecake

Major Bummers

  1. Chicken Curry Ramen kind of sabotages the ‘good food’ list here. Grilled chicken with mushrooms, scallions, red onion and bean sprouts is a big No. The ramen is simply not what you expect – it is more dry than soupy and has absolutely zero flavors falling flat on your tastebuds.



  1. Litchi and Berry Baobing A famous Chinese Shaved ice and condensed milk dessert topped with litchis and cherries. A below average dessert with contrastingly really good looks. Not all that glitters is gold, they said.

Bao Bing

Well Kinki manages to amuse you with its exterior and also bemuse you with what’s inside. A place with immense potential and I definitely hope for a better experience on my next visit.


Shop 5, Balewadi High Street,

Baner-Balewadi Link Road,


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Disclaimer: This Review is based on a complimentary invite extended by Kinki Modern Asian Kitchen and Molecular bar.  The opinion expressed in the review is entirely my own and in no manner influenced by any party.


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